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  1. Cutting Edge Drop Ship Service.
  2. Millions of Name Brand Products.
  3. Up to 65% Off Retail.
  4. Perfect for eCommerce or Auction Sites.
  5. Exclusive Client Network.
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Cutting Edge Drop Ship Service

Simplx offers a proven drop ship service through which business owners can sell over 60 million products on eBay® or their own eCommerce websites. Simplx has partnered directly with more than 3,000 of the world's largest suppliers and manufacturers like Target,, Sears, Gap, Best Buy, Eddie Bauer, Rakuten, New Egg, Sears and more to provide an exclusive drop ship opportunity to those business owners who are serious about making a profitable income selling online without the standard headaches of purchasing and stocking your own inventory and dealing with merchandise shipping and returns. 100% of our suppliers will drop ship with no extra fees. Furthermore, the companies we work with are the best in supply chain management and you can trust them to get the product, at the right price, in the hands of your customer.

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Millions of Name Brand Products

If you want it, we've got it. Our support team is standing by to help you find the products from the right suppliers to help you grow your business. What's even better is we have the Omni-search bar that incorporates our supplier's inventory levels, pricing, descriptions, and images all in a single search field so you can quickly compare pricing across all suppliers.


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Up to 65% off retail

Simplx offers many products through its suppliers that aren't typically available at discount prices. Through its vast supplier network, Simplx offers millions of products for drop shipping with up to 65% off retail. Each supplier's available discounts differ according to product type. Many of the most successful people on the internet will maintain a balance of both auction selling and eCommerce selling. With Simplx, you can take advantage of both marketing methods and create a substantial income for your business.

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Perfect for eCommerce sites and online auctions

If you've ever bought or sold anything on eBay® or other auction sites, you've probably noticed that most products sell below retail and sometimes below wholesale. Because of that, it is very important to understand that in order to become successful selling on eBay® or other auction sites, you will need to research products and pricing to find out what is selling well and for how much. It can also be helpful to build an eCommerce website that can often supplement your eBay® business and can be a source of higher profit margins on the products you sell. Our products will work for both eCommerce and auction selling.

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No Dropship Fees & Free Shipping

All products offered through our exclusive drop ship network are brand new and NONE of them include additional "drop ship fees." Also, most of our suppliers will even ship the products for free to your customers. Their shipping costs are already wrapped into the advertised drop ship price for you, which means you are free to charge shipping to your customers or offer free shipping.

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